“Me, Too!” Icebreaker

Incorporate this icebreaker into your Mom’s Nite Out as an easy way to get your group to open up and learn more about one another:

Supplies needed:

  • 1 spool of twine or string at least 100ft long for each group of 8-10 ladies


Give each group a spool of string. Choose someone to start by telling their group something about themselves such as:

  • My favorite color is green.
  • I like to sing in the shower.
  • I have two children.
  • I dip my pizza in ranch dressing.


Once the person with the string says something that applies to another mom in the group, that person calls out, “me, too!” The first mom holds on to the end of the string and passes the spool to the other person. If more than one mom has a “me, too” then the string passes to all of those people and ends at the last mom to say “me,too.” The mom with the ball of spool then says something else about themselves. In the end, your group will end up with a web of connections. Have each mom count the number of “me,toos” she has and point out how much the group has in common with each other.

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