Mom’s Nite Out Icebreakers

Are you hosting a Mom’s Nite Out this year? Are you worried about making sure all of your guests are comfortable with one another before your festivities begin? If so, try incorporating an icebreaker or two into your party schedule. Icebreakers are a fun, easy way for your guests to get to know one another and feel comfortable in their settings. Here are a few of our favorite icebreakers for you to use during Mom’s Nite Out this year:

  1. Get to Know You Questions – Take a lightweight ball and cut and paste random questions all over it. These questions can pertain to pretty much anything and everything you want them to, so get creative! Stand in a circle with your group and randomly toss the ball to people I the circle. Whatever question your index finger lands on is the question that person has to answer out loud.
  2. People Bingo – Create your own People Bingo card by replacing the letters and numbers on a traditional Bingo card with interesting traits that describe your participants, such as “plays the piano” or “speaks Italian.” Give each guest a pen and a certain amount of time for everyone to find people that match the traits on their card. The first person to fill their entire card with signatures must yell “BINGO!” in order to win.
  3. Finish the Sentence – Go around the room and have each of your guests complete one of the following sentences (or something similar):
    • The best vacation I ever went on was…
    • The best job I ever had was…
    • The craziest thing I ever did was…

Your groups responses will allow your guests to see what they have in common with one another. You can also have each of your guests come up with their own questions and have them ask the person they know the least about.

There are thousands of icebreaker ideas available on the Internet; find which one(s) works best for your Mom’s Nite Out and have fun with it!

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