Party Planning Tips to Make the Most of Your Mom’s Nite Out

Parties are great. They’re filled with friends, food, drinks and generally lots of laughter. But parties take effort! And planning one takes time- a lot of time.

If you’re planning to host a Mom’s Nite Out party, here are a few tips to help you get ahead of the game.

Plan Ahead
Planning, planning and more planning will help you maximize your time and decrease your potential for stress. Before you begin to plan, create a list of ideas and expectations for your events decor. Figure out what kind of food you would like to serve and what drinks your guest will enjoy- both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Write down what you would like your guests to get out of the evening and brainstorm any activities you would like to incorporate.

Set Your Plans in Motion
Once you have a general vision and have mapped out what your expectations are for the party, start actively checking things off your to-do list. Make any phone calls and complete any shopping you need to do to cover all the essentials.

Enlist the help of others
Sometimes as moms, we can feel like superwoman. But the truth is, we are human and can only handle so much. Don’t be afraid to ask a close friend for their help and opinions. A good support system can help you carry the burden. Bonus: Extra time with your closest friend(s).

Finalize Any Outstanding Plans
Once you’ve done most of the legwork, make sure to wrap up any loose ends. Attempt to have everything ready to go at least a day BEFORE your gathering.

We all know life happens and you may need to run out the day of your party and purchase some last-minute items. But if you take the time to build yourself a roadmap, you’ll have more fun and be less prone to the stress and pressures often associated with party planning. Having fun is the goal after all, isn’t it?

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