Mom’s Nite Out Idea: Wine Tasting Party

Red White Wine

This Moms Nite Out, invite your friends over to uncork some fun for a wine tasting party! Wine tasting parties are an exciting way let loose and enjoy some much needed girl time. Check out the list below for tips on how to pull off a wine tasting enviable of even the finest connoisseurs!

Tip 1: Choose your theme

The first step in hosting a wine party is choosing a theme. There are many varieties of tastings and samplings from different regions or countries. You want to try to incorporate some uniformity in the wines you choose for the tasting. You’ll want to choose wines that have a similar theme and can pair nicely with each other. Try different types of wines from one winemaker or stick to only one type of wine: reds, whites, sparkling wines, or dessert wines.

Tip 2: Do not eat

The purpose of a tasting party is to fully engage with the aromas, flavors and textures of the wine. Make sure to have a meal or appetizers before or after the tasting to prevent your party from becoming too tipsy.

Tip 3: Wine glasses

Each of your guests should be given at least one wine glass.  The glasses should have stems so the guests don’t warm the wine with their hands. Also, the glasses should be clear so the guests can see the color of the wine.

Tip 4: Supplies

Don’t forget the essentials for a perfect wine tasting party: wine (enough for all of your guests), glasses, corkscrew, spittoon (large bowl or smaller paper cups). Having an aerator or decanter for red wine helps bring out its flavors. And an ice bucket will come in handy for chilling white wine, instead of making trips to the fridge. Refreshing ice water should also be offered at the table for in between tastings.

Bonus: Make it fun!

Cover wine bottles of varying price ranges with aluminum foil. Label each bottle with a different number or letter. Now, let your guests sip a sample from each bottle and have them guess the value or winemaker. This will be a fun way to tell what kind of variety each person enjoys. You can even offer a prize to the person who guesses the wine correctly!

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to have fun and enjoy your nite out!

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