Founded in 2008, National Mom’s Nite Out™ is the first nationally organized celebration of motherhood intended to bring together today’s moms, physically and virtually. Mom’s Nite Out unites over 10 million moms in social media groups, companies, local playgroups, mommy bloggers and mother social networks, giving them a well deserved night off. In 2014, three states officially declared the Thursday before Mother’s Day, National Mom’s Nite Out.

The evening consists of local events held across the country, as well as mom-organized parties and virtual activities. Allowing moms everywhere to join in on the fun, mothers are invited to throw their own Mom’s Nite Out event by downloading party ideas and elements from The National Mom’s Nite Out website. The night of the event moms join in on the fun through online chats and tweet-ups.


Thursday, May 11, 2016 (Thursday before Mother’s Day)


  • Online throughout Twitter and other social networking sites
  • In-homes
  • In sponsoring restaurants and retail locations


National Mom’s Nite Out™ was created and is orchestrated by Maria Bailey, Host of Mom Talk™ Radio and author of The Ultimate Mom, Trillion Dollar Moms, Marketing to Moms, Mom 3.0 and Power Momsas well as top mom websites including MomTV.com, BlueSuitMom.com, SmartMomSolutions.com, MommyParties.com and MomSelect.com.

Event Overview

Beginning in February, presenting partners (mom bloggers, mom websites and social networks) begin promoting and generating buzz about this year’s National Mom’s Nite Out celebration. The National Mom’s Nite Out website offers information on events being held, activity schedules and directions including:

  • Virtual Mom’s Nite Out party planning elements, such as instructions on hosting an in-home Moms’ Nite out party, sponsored recipe ideas, printable invitations and more!
  • Electronic applications that moms may use to demonstrate their excitement on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Sponsor recognition and content
  • Photo and video galleries

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many opportunities for companies who want to connect with the lucrative mom market to be involved with The National Mom’s Nite Out event. For more information on these opportunities, please visit the Get Involved page.